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Nebulum Technologies provides all-in 3D histopathology solutions and consultancy for bio-researchers and professionals to attain scientific research breakthrough.

About Us

Nebulum is a Taiwan-based biotech startup that offers proprietary 3D histopathology solutions that provide visual definition and uncover possibilities for human biology in ways never before thought possible, thus enabling researchers and professionals in the scientific and clinical community to push the boundaries of scientific research and define tomorrow’s healthcare and medicine.

Technology Overview

Sample Preparation

clearing and

Preparing and transforming the whole tissue sample into 3D data is a complex and delicate process. Our high-throughput whole tissue clearing pipeline ensures optimal tissue transparency while maintaining highest structural integrity and preserving proteins, nucleic acids, and other bound bio-molecules in all tissue samples. Combining with our proprietary supercharged multiplex immunolabeling techniques, we can achieve extremely high-quality ready-to-image samples in no time.

Your sample is handled with extreme care in our hands, while it goes through the entire process of preservation, delipidation, immunolabeling, and clearing.

Lightsheet Imaging

billions in sight

Our lightsheet imaging solution can produce a thousand times more visual definition and information than any conventional microscopy methods, and faster.

The technology provides options from macro-scale holistic view that captures overall protein distribution, cell density, and vasculature structures to micro-scale resolution that reveals cell morphology, fiber tracks, and cell-cell interactions.

It is able to capture every dimension with in-depth visualization; leaving no pixel unscanned.

Big Data Processing

For big data
processing and
we’ve got
your back

Thousands of lightsheet-acquired optical-sectioned images will go directly into our data processing pipeline. These images will be optimized and transformed into beautiful, high-definition 3D images that reveal thousands times more information than conventional 2D sections.

Our powerful computing systems are built to handle this type of colossal data processing loads, yet it is agile enough for scaling on demand. We recognized that our customer’s data is important to the work that they have done. Hence, our system is designed over-and-above with security in mind to give them the total control they need on their data.

3D imaging data can be delivered in a secured SSD or stored on our server at our customers’ disposal.

Wholistic Data Analysis

Leave the
guessing behind

With each scan, our detailed descriptive analysis can generate unbiased statistics that ensure maximum efficacy for future research. Our whole tissue data analysis pipeline includes regional signal segmentation or fully automated AI segmentation, fluorescence intensity measurements, model brain atlas alignment, and much more.

Upon request, we can also tailor the imaging data to focus on specific information areas for publication featurette.

Consultation & Training

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We believe knowledge should be accessible to all. We help our customers with quickstart sessions on 3D bioimaging technologies through online consultation and workshops. We also provide personalized onsite training on sample preparation, bringing our expertise closer to our customers.

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