3D Whole Tissue Imaging
Service Flow

Service Consultation

  • Tissue type & clearing methods
  • Antibodies selection & endogenous fluorescence
  • Experiment design & data analysis assessments

Animal Perfusion and Dissection

  • Animal perfusion & tissue dissection can be processed by our professionals or in your lab with our detailed instructions
  • Perfusion must be properly handled to ensure best data quality

Sample Shipping

  • We will send detailed instructions on how to pack and ship tissue samples to our lab for further processing
  • Upon receipt, our team will perform QC measurements to ensure the samples

Sample Preparation

  • Tissue preservation
  • Tissue delipidation
  • Immunolabeling of delipidated tissue
  • Refractive index matching of immunolabeled tissue

Whole Tissue Imaging & Data Processing

  • Lightsheet microscopy imaging and/or confocal microscopy imaging
  • Data optimization
  • Data stitching

Data Analysis

  • Signal Segmentation
  • Data Registration
  • Data Quantification

Data Delivery

  • Processed data will be shared with our clients through hard drive or cloud database

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