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Precision-driven solutions revolutionizing healthcare, advancing diagnostics,
and enhancing therapeutics for a healthier world.

Who we are?

Nebulum is a visionary team of experts in advanced biomedical imaging and analysis, driven by a passion for revolutionizing healthcare.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving human well-being by providing pioneering solutions for precision diagnosis and personalized treatment. Through our expertise in 3D imaging, data analysis, and research collaborations, we strive to transform the landscape of healthcare.

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Our Purpose

1. Advancing Diagnostics

Nebulum accelerates diagnostic processes, ensuring enhanced precision and quality in tissue examination. By revolutionizing traditional approaches, we empower research and pave the way for future clinical applications.

2. Transformative Technology

Leveraging cutting-edge techniques, Nebulum overcomes limitations in slide-based methods, optimizing efficiency and accuracy. With a strong focus on research, our solutions drive innovation for improved healthcare outcomesAddress

Nebulum’s technology isn’t just a tool – it’s your partner for progress.
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We’re on the lookout for any chance to boost our sales and visibility in the market, exploringg opportunities to team up with fitting partners, reach our growth goals, and together, take our business to the next level.

You will be involved in the team to

  1. Developing new clients, maintaining relationships, and expanding our network of sales partners.
  2. Planning and coordinating sales activities for our company’s products and services.
  3. Devising research proposals to ensure our performance goals are met.
  4. Analyzing the market landscape, including assessing potential customer needs, growth opportunities, and competitor analysis.

We’re looking for

  1. A background in biological/biomedical sciences (neuroscience, molecular biology, cancer medicine).
  2. 5 or more years of experience in business development within the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Understanding of the biomedical market and adeptness in market research and analysis.

It would be even better if you have the following skills

  1. Proficiency in English.
  2. Strong presentation skills, with an ability to communicate effectively across departments and collaborate within teams.

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As a Product Research Assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in facilitating the preparation of biological tissue samples. Your meticulous approach will contribute to outstanding fluorescent staining results for three-dimensional imaging.

You will be involved in the team to

  1. Preparing biological tissue samples through immunofluorescent staining.
  2. Operating and maintaining relevant laboratory equipment.
  3. Ensuring quality maintenance, reporting progress, and addressing issues during production.
  4. Handling sample reception, management, storage, and disposal.
  5. Reading relevant scientific literature.
  6. Maintaining daily documentation and records.
  7. Undertaking tasks assigned by supervisors.

We’re looking for

  1. A background in biology, medical technology, or related fields in medical laboratory sciences.
  2. Proficiency in tissue preparation techniques, especially tissue processing, embedding, and immunofluorescent staining.
  3. Familiarity with laboratory equipment operation and knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology.

It would be even better if you have the following skills

  1. Experience at the graduate level.
  2. Strong logical thinking and meticulous attention to detail.
  3. Enthusiasm for research, effective communication skills, a sense of responsibility, and a team-oriented mindset.

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As a Cell Research Assistant, you’ll help with tasks related to blood cell preparation.
You’ll have a 2-day break each week, but weekend shifts are part of the routine.

You will be involved in the team to

  1. Assisting with clinical specimen handling.
  2. Independently conducting experiments following established SOPs.
  3. Administrative tasks such as literature searches, inventory checks and ordering, and other assignments from supervisors.
  4. Cell culturing and immunofluorescent staining.

We’re looking for

  1. A background in biology, medical technology, or related fields in medical laboratory sciences.
  2. Experience in sterile techniques, along with knowledge of microbiology.
  3. The ability to independently carry out experimental procedures.

It would be even better if you have the following skills

  1. Additional experience in cell and tissue culturing.
  2. Detail-oriented, strong observational skills, a willingness to learn, and effective communication.
  3. A dedicated and responsible attitude, coupled with proactive assistance.

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